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Hi this is Stephanie Gordon importantproperty management in San FranciscoSharon whatever advice I can give to SanFrancisco landlords in San Francisco weface a unique set of rules andregulations and although I'm not alawyer and I'm not giving legal adviceI'm just sharing whatever snippets I'velearned over the years now I'm going totalk about the rental agreements in SanFrancisco if you're a landlord in sanfrancisco you should use the leaseagreement that's prepared by the ssa theSan Francisco apartment association youcan call them up you can buy by aone-time deal you can join in SanFrancisco apartment association which irecommend but it's a great lease it'swritten by a team of San Franciscolawyer is specific to the rent controlneeds in San Francisco so number one usethe sfa a lease number two everybodywho's moving into the unit signs of thelease do not try and outsmart the rentcontrol ordinance by having only oneperson signed release and everybody elsenot be on the lease get everyone who'smoving in to sign the lease but whenthere's roommate changes do not addanybody to the lease agreement keep theoriginal master tenants and nobody elsethat comes and goes goes on that leaseand don't lose it that's most importantif you have no written agreement withwith tennis in San Francisco you can bein a lot of trouble so make sure youhave several copies someplace and thatyou don't lose it Stephanie GordonGordon property management